Daiwei Wang
Research Associate, Earth and Environmental
Main Background: Earth and Environmental Sciences
CEWS focus:                        
DSCS focus:


Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, 2010 Thesis: Tropical Pacific Ocean in a warming climate Advisor: Mark A. Cane
M.S. in Meteorology, Nanjing University, 2003
B.S. in Atmospheric Physics and Environment, Nanjing University, 2000


Research Associate, Northeastern University, 2013- Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011–2012 Graduate Research Assistant, Columbia University, 2004-2010


H. Brix, D. Menemenlis, C. Hill, S. Dutkiewicz, O. Jahn, D. Wang, K. Bowman, and H. Zhang, 2014. Using Green's Functions to initialize and adjust a global, eddying ocean biogeochemistry general circulation model. Ocean Modelling. submitted.

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