Poulomi Ganguli
Droughts & Water Resources
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Poulomi Ganguli is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at North Eastern University. She earned PhD in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2012. Her research interests include hydrological extremes, hydro-climatology and assessment of climate change and variability in surface and sub-surface hydrology.

Selected Publications

Ganguli, P., Ganguly, A.R. (2015) Robustness of meteorological droughts in dynamically downscaled climate simulations. Accepted for publication in Hydrological Processes.

Ganguly, A.R., Kumar D., Ganguli, P., Short G., Klausner J. (2015) Nonstationarity and deep uncertainty: Water Stress on U.S. power production. Accepted for publication in Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine. IEEE Computer Society.

Ganguli, P., Reddy, M.J. (2013) Ensemble prediction of regional droughts using climate inputs and SVM-copula approach. Accepted for publication in Hydrological Processes.

Ganguli, P. (2013) Probabilistic analysis of extreme droughts in southern Maharashtra using bivariate copulas. Accepted for publication in ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering.

Ganguli, P., Reddy, M.J. (2013) Evaluation of trends and multivariate frequency analysis of droughts in three meteorological subdivisions of western India. Doi: 10.1002/joc.3742.

Reddy, M.J., Ganguli, P. (2013) Spatio-temporal analysis and derivation of copula-based intensity-area-frequency curves for droughts in western Rajasthan (India). Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. Doi: 10.1007/s00477-013-0732-z.

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