The primary virtual residence of the SDS Lab has moved!

The primary virtual home of the Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory (SDS Lab) at Northeastern University has moved to:

Brief Description: The Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory (SDS Lab) develops novel insights in the interdisciplinary sciences of climate extremes and the engineering principles of networked lifelines to inform adaptation and policy. Physics-integrated spatiotemporal machine learning and nonlinear dynamics, especially from large-scale numerical model-simulations and remote or in-situ sensor data, enable the discovery of new insights in climate extremes and uncertainty, while network sciences and optimization along with engineering or ecological principles aid in understanding infrastructural or ecosystem vulnerability. Decision sciences and policy imperatives are integrated in the scientific discovery and technological invention processes to embed stakeholder perspectives. Please see the new virtual home of the SDS Lab for more information. The primary Northeastern University homepage of the Principal Investigator, Auroop Ganguly, is HERE.

PI Contact:
Auroop R. Ganguly
Professor (Northeastern University), PhD (MIT), F. ASCE
(Joint) Chief Scientist, US DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Guest Professor (IIT); Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Adviser, risQ Inc.