In the Social-Ecological Sustainability Lab of Assistant Professor Steven Scyphers, we study coastal development, fisheries management, and climate adaptation. From a social-ecological systems perspective, our interdisciplinary research is problem-and-solution focused and strives to develop strategies for sustaining both coastal ecosystems and societies. We routinely collaborate with diverse teams of natural and social scientists, engineers, practitioners, and stakeholders.

Recent Publications

Gittman & Scyphers. (2017) The Cost of Coastal Protection: A Comparison of Hardened and Living Shorelines.  Shore and Beach 85(4):1-6.

Gray & Scyphers. (2017). Innovations in Collaborative Science: Advancing citizen science, crowdsourcing and participatory modeling to understand and manage marine social-ecological systems. in Conservation for the Anthropocene Ocean. Edited by Levin & Poe. Elsevier Academic Press.

Arkema, Shepard, & Scyphers. (2017) Living Shorelines for Nature and People. in Shorelines: Living, enhanced, restored in the modern era. Edited by Bilkovic, Mitchell, LaPeyre, & Toft. Taylor & Francis Group and CRC Press: Marine Science Series.

Drymon & Scyphers. (2017) Attitudes and perceptions influence recreational angler support for shark conservation and fisheries sustainability Marine Policy 81: 153-159.

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