Scout Labs

Spring 2016

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For the inaugural Scout Labs project, the team was to pick their topic of focus. Having no constraints on the topic of the project was both a blessing and a curse. The team had the freedom to focus on whichever topic was of most interest to them, but the task of picking only one seemed nearly insurmountable. As the team discussed and researched topics, they found interest in a variety of areas. For example, income inequality, education, recycling, healthcare, and contraception were all discussed. Eventually, the focus narrowed down to food and education.


Throughout the semester, the Labs team worked closely with a local corner store, Chamas Market, to collect data and observe how shoppers move throughout the space and what they ended up purchasing. Many of the people shopping at Chamas use it as their primary source of food and fresh, healthy foods are not always stocked. The solution the team constructed was a stand with healthy snack options, recipe cards, and tips. We found that the most engagement came from young children. The team was able to partner with the community and combine our knowledge with the experience that our community has.