Great Design Helps Cloud-Based Companies Win Big

By Harish Kumar Nagarajan

How? Let’s take a look.

There have been plenty of companies, or rather software behemoths like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP who have built some really amazing products. However, the last couple of years have seen the rise of a new crop of software companies offering products on the “cloud.”

Before we proceed any further, let’s give you a quick introduction to cloud software.

Cloud-based software, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), allows companies to host and deliver applications as a service via the internet.

For example, instead of installing a CRM system on your computer, you could access the software by opening your browser and logging into your service provider’s cloud-based account.

These companies shook the status quo so much so that even the biggies are moving to the SaaS model to catch up.

Cloud-based applications are now available and used in almost every domain: security, development, marketing, HR, finance, and analytics. You name it and there’s at least one vendor offering a solution to do the job better.

Now, all the technology aside, SaaS became popular because of its potential to offer a kickass user experience irrespective of the domain. The drab “windows” and “panes” went out and a colorful interface took over. Design won big.

Cloud companies are…

1) Aesthetically pleasing. Period.
Let’s have the pictures do the talking…

Freshsales, one of the newest CRM applications on the block

Gusto, a cloud-based HR and Payroll software

Zoho Invoice, a simple invoicing tool

All these apps offer a simple but powerful user experience. I’m pretty sure that any employee would readily adopt a software with great design as opposed to something like this:

2) Software that sounds like a human
The language used in a product often attaches a personality to it. SaaS companies realize that users aren’t particularly fond of copy that makes their work more monotonous than it already is. Slack, one of the world’s most popular chat tools, makes use of cool and informal lingo in their product and that combined with its slick and colourful interface makes it a pleasure to use.

3) Incorporating familiarity on-the-go
Most companies now ship their products across multiple platforms. This means that their products could be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. All you require is a great internet connection to get your job done.

Importantly, mobile app developers go to great lengths to ensure that the user experience is standardized across the board so that users don’t have to learn to use their software each time they use it on a new device or a new mobile operating system.

While I’ve listed some of the key ways that SaaS is making our lives a lot easier (or even nicer), there are a whole lot of possibilities that can be achieved with the power of the cloud. Multiple applications, both on and off the cloud can work in tandem, like clockwork to get sh*t done faster and easier. The bottom line is that the cloud works because the entire ecosystem has been designed to give users a positive experience.