We Are Scout

We are all about an inclusive, supportive design community at Northeastern.

Scout is passionate about Design

We see design as a way of learning, solving problems and bringing people from different disciplines together. Our four programs—Scout Studio, Scout Events, Club Scout and Scout Labs — offer different touch points and access to design.


To foster the design community at Northeastern

Everyone can find their place in the design community at Northeastern. Whether students are part of the Scout studio or labs teams, attend Scout events, or drop by Club Scout, we are all here to learn as much as we possibly can. Having these spaces and opportunities to collaborate with people who have different skill sets and areas of expertise is essential for better ideas and more meaningful connections across campus.

To become better designers

We believe that the most valuable learning comes when you take the brave plunge into something you have little or no previous experience in. The design community can provide mentorship and guidance when students need help navigating uncharted territories. Designers and creative thinkers can share things they have learned in higher level classes, on co-op, and from each other. No one can go at it alone and we are all eager to learn more and do more through practice.

To build better solutions through Design.

Northeastern’s strong entrepreneurial spirit fuels Scout. We collaborate with other organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to contribute insight and create value through design. We help bridge the gap between creative makers and thinkers, making design accessible to our peers from all disciplines, age groups, and experience levels. We promote and utilize the design thinking process—critique, testing, iteration and implementation—as an effective way to approach problems in any industry.

The Team Spring 2017

Management Team

Katelin Murdock

Marketing Director

Anastasia Scourtes

Operations Director

Alfred Ababio

Technology Director

Amanda Pinsker

Design Director

Katie Wilhoit

Scout Labs Director

Evan McEldowney

Events Director

Nathan Hulsey

Executive Director

Marketing + Events

Bakari Olivetti

Content Contributor

Susan Xu

Marketing Designer

Sawyer Hammond

Social Media Manager

Manavi Datta

Content Contributor

Claire Dufournier

Marketing Designer

Victoria Romulo

Content Contributor

Brennan Caruthers

Marketing + Events Strategist

Scout Labs

Adam Bechtold

Scout Labs Member

Andrew Cloud

Scout Labs Member

Yasmine Hashemi

Scout Labs Member

Emily O'Brien

Scout Labs Member

Scout Studio

Drew Pomerleau

Studio Member

Alexa Nguyen

IDEA Liaison

Camden Phalen

Studio Member

Hope Luria

Studio Member

Sophia Schonwetter

Studio Member

Michael Wagenheim

Studio Member

Michelle Lee

Studio Member

Michael Yang

Studio Member

Beatrice Huang

Studio Member

Jennifer Heintz

Studio Member

Colleen Curtis

Studio Member

Brittany Chiang

Studio Member

Christopher Bubnov

Project Lead

Olivia Nelson


Gabriel Centeno


Cassie Hlinka

Project Lead

Katherine Chao


Alex Lim

IDEA Team Lead

Julie Tennett

Project Lead

Vanessa Gregorchik

Project Lead

Tia Thomson


Gabi Homonoff