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Trends in particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) ambient air pollution from 2010 to 2015

 by Shraddha Kakade and Zhejun Li (Emerald)According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the world’s single largest environmental health risk.According to the WHO 2012 estimates,  one in every eight deaths of the total global deaths were linked… Continue Reading →

The Americanization of Chinese food: How Chinese restaurateurs adapted ‘authentic’ cuisine that sells

 When someone eats Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant around Boston, is it authentic cuisine? Is it a food that might be served in Szechuan or Hunan? Maybe. But probably not.If it’s General’s Tso’s chicken, the answer is most definitely… Continue Reading →

#CollegeTownTen: Counting down the best professional athletes that went to Boston schools in the 2000s

It’s no secret that professional teams reign supreme in Boston sports — and for good reason. Since the turn of the century, the success of professional sports in Title Town has been nothing short of incredible. Tom – the GOAT – and Bill Belichick – the Evil Emperor – have commandeered for the… Continue Reading →

Why Your College’s Stadium is Located Two Miles from Campus

They are all knee-deep in Greek life, eating unhealthy and tailgating every weekend. These are just some of the most common stereotypes us Europeans hold of American college students. While some of these aspects weren’t appealing to me, the idea of a big sports culture… Continue Reading →

The Mid-Major Playbook

On November 12, Northeastern’s men’s basketball team opened its 2017-18 campaign. A brand-new court design lined the floor of the historic Mathews Arena on St. Boltoph Street as the Huskies kicked things off against the neighboring Wentworth Institute of Technology;… Continue Reading →

How Do People Use Hubway in 2017?

By Hanyang Dong and Jieru XuHubway is a public bike sharing system in the Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Town of Brookline area. People could easily grab a bike in the Hubway docking station and get around in the city, then… Continue Reading →

An Unbreakable Bond

If you run into Ackim Mpofu or Charlton Muhlauri on the Northeastern campus, there’s a pretty good chance the other is not too far behind.The two senior footballers have been practically inseparable since they arrived on the Boston scene in… Continue Reading →

The Thriving Sport on College Campuses might not be what you think it is

SK Telecom T1, Cloud9, Fnatic – odds are that for the average American, those terms don’t mean much. For avid esports fans, these terms are equivalent to what the New England Patriots are in football or the New York Yankees… Continue Reading →

Messa Embraces New Role with Huskies

The first thing you notice about Will Messa is his infectious enthusiasm.As the Matthews Arena Zamboni lurches onto the ice on a Tuesday afternoon, signaling the end of another Northeastern men’s hockey practice, Messa is perched on the outer edge… Continue Reading →

About elementary school teachers in Massachusetts

For my data visualization assignment, I chose to write about Massachusetts teacher salaries, how many teachers are in each school district, and the physical size of each community. I only compared school districts that are contained in one community.The data is… Continue Reading →

Yumeng’s News Diary

Yumeng’s News Diary Sept. 25–Oct. 1  By Yumeng Ren How I consume News in a Typical Day 7:30–8:30 Gmail Newsletters: Boston Globe 20 min/ Washington Post 10 min/ Nieman Lab 10 minPersonal letter 20 min 8:30–10:00 Social media Video Call… Continue Reading →

A news diary created using PikochartBy Yuan TianFor this news diary project, I used Pikochart to clean my data, make charts, and stylize the information. The data reflects my how I consumed news information over one week. 

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