Kiara Masaoy

Mentor: Dr. Penny Beuning

My name is Kiara, and I am a Biology major. I became interested in ROUTES through its mission to provide more research opportunities for underrepresented students, like me, in the field of Environmental Health.

For this co-op, I am continuing to work on the same project as two previous ROUTES Scholars. In the lab, we are in the process of engineering Taq alpha DNA polymerase to copy damaged DNA specifically with high fidelity and efficiency. I look forward to gaining relevant and transferable skills as I prepare to enter the workforce.

Liz Mariluz

Mentor: Dr. Sharon Harlan and Dr. Laura Senier

Hi my name is Liz Mariluz and I’m a third year Sociology student from Boston, MA. In high school I got the opportunity to learn about Public Health and how inequities can exasperate health disparities. Ever since then, I have had an interest in pursuing a career in Public Health and researching ways that policy can help minimize health inequities.
I decided to join ROUTES since it would allow me to gain hands-on research experience while applying concepts I have learned in my Sociology classes. I was drawn to Drs. Sharon Harlan and Laura Senier’s research lab because of its focus on Environmental Health and Environmental Justice. Through their projects, I will be analyzing qualitative data on how organizations collaborate over environmental justice issues in their communities and how access to green and blue space affects the mental health and well-being of inner-city youth.

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