Adriano Bracero

Mentor: Dr. Phil Larese-Casanova

Hello, my name is Adriano Bracero. I am a third-year student from San José, Costa Rica pursuing a bachelor’s in marine biology. During my time in the ROUTES program, I will be working with Dr. Philip Larese-Casanova as a research assistant for industrial wastewater treatment. During my time as a research assistant, I will be working on degrading industrial wastewater through electrochemical processes, analyzing scientific data, and collaborating on research papers. I am looking forward to developing my analytical skills as well as getting a larger perspective on wastewater management. Thank you, Northeastern University, for this wonderful opportunity.

Taylor Extavour

Mentor: Dr. Emily Zimmerman

My name is Taylor Extavour and I am a currently a 4th-year student at Northeastern University studying Marine Biology and I am currently planning to apply to medical school after graduation. I am currently the ROUTES co-op student for the fall 2021 semester in Dr. Zimmerman’s Speech and Neurodevelopment lab. My interest in maternal and infant health care and her passion for environmental studies drew her towards this opportunity. In Dr. Zimmerman’s lab, I will be working to understand how environmental pollutants and disasters affect infant and children’s health in the mainland United States as well as Puerto Rico. Through this project I hope to analyze and address both maternal & infant healthcare disparities. I am looking forward to work with Dr. Zimmerman and the other ROUTES scholars and professors to learn more about environmental health and its application to US healthcare systems.

Lilyana Ibañez

Mentor: Dr. Phil Brown

My name is Lilyana Ibañez and I am a third-year honors student from Austin, TX pursing an undergraduate degree in International Affairs with minors in Biology and Global Health. During my time in the program, I will be working with Dr. Phil Brown and Dr. Alissa Cordner on co-op as a research assistant at the PFAS Project Lab. I will be working on several projects that analyze the social, scientific, and political factors of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination by maintaining our lab’s contamination site tracker, collaborating on research papers, updating our website with current PFAS news and publications, and interviewing activists. I am so excited to be a ROUTES scholar as I am given the opportunity to study all of my passions of public health, environmental science, and environmental justice simultaneously. After my undergraduate studies, I hope to pursue an MPH degree in environmental health science or epidemiology while continuing research in this field of study specifically for Latinx communities disproportionally impacted by environmental injustices.

Melanie Guzman

Mentor: Dr. Kelsey Pieper

Hello, my name is Melanie Guzman. I am in my third year of Environmental Sustainability Science at Northeastern University. I am originally from Miami, Florida and my family is from Nicaragua. With this background I am excited to work with on a team lead by Dr. Pieper as we work on generating data-driven knowledge to improve drinking water quality. I am currently working on three different research projects: stagnation of lead pipes due to Covid-19 shut downs and its affects on water quality, a Orleans, New York community based water quality research, and a South Texas community based domestic well-water quality research.

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