On Tuesday, December 18th ROUTES Scholars Camille Vasquez and Kaleigh McAlaine celebrated the completion of their high-level research based co-ops during the customary closing ceremony held in Stearns Center. This ceremony provides the scholars with the opportunity to present the knowledge and experience they gained during the demanding 6-month co-op cycle. The sixth cohort of the ROUTES program conducted their environmental health research in two labs here at Northeastern University under the mentorship and direction of highly respected researchers and graduate students.

After lunch, the presentations started with Camille Vasquez discussing the DNA Damage Research she completed while working with Dr. Penny Beuning. Kaleigh McAlaine presented her experience working under the mentorship of Dr. Akram Alshawabkeh on the PROTECT Research Center’s Project 5, which aims to develop Electrochemical Water Remediation Technologies. Both Camille and Kaleigh gave excellent presentations that discussed the time-sensitive challenges of research as well as the high reward that comes from successfully completing a study within a project. To learn more about the specifics of their experience, please refer to their presentations in the links below.

The ceremony concluded with Lura Slowinski thanking ROUTES Scholars for their participating in the program with some ROUTES paraphernalia.

Congratulations, Kaleigh and Camille on completing the sixth cohort of ROUTES Scholars! We can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

Kaleigh McAlaine Presentation | Camille Vasquez Presentation