ROUTES is actively seeking employer partners outside Northeastern to develop full-time, six-month, paid environmental health research co-ops for undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds. Employers who partner with the ROUTES program can expect the following benefits:

  • Funding support to ensure a competitive salary is offered for the position
  • Support from the ROUTES program in recruiting top-tier undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Additional opportunities for ROUTES hires, including funding for travel, workshops/trainings, and more

To qualify for the ROUTES program, a position must include environmental health research as a significant part of its focus. Positions should be full time for four to six months and must be open to undergraduate students.

Environmental health research focuses on the intersections of human health with environmental contamination, and can encompass biology, health sciences, environmental engineering, environmental science, chemistry, or sociology/anthropology.

To learn more, please contact Lura Slowinski at

Visit the Northeastern University Cooperative Education webpage to learn more about co-op at NU.