2014 Training Schedule (Sample)

If you are interested in joining the RE-SEED program call Christos Zahopoulos at (617) 373-4583 or email c.zahopoulos@neu.edu.


Introductory Resources

RE-SEED Info Session – Program Overview
The role of the volunteer
Working in the Classroom


RE-SEED Training 2014 Resources and Handouts

Tuesday, September 2
Workshop 1
RE-SEED Overview- An IntroductionRE-SEED Overview
Inquiry-Based LearningInquiry Workshop 2014

The Many Levels of Inquiry

RE-SEED Handout - Inquiry Questions

An Introduction to Inquiry

Inquiry-Based Learning: An NSF Publication

Learning Science Through Inquiry: Annenberg Learner

Cultural AwarenessCultural Awareness

Boston Public Schools at a Glance

Spanish Language Resources
Wednesday, September 3
Workshop 2
Kit-Based Science - Using and Adapting Kitswww.fossweb.com/
Curriculum and StandardsBPS School Curriculum Website

K-12 Science Ed Frameworks

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

MA State Frameworks

MCAS Practice Questions
Thursday, September 4
Workshop 3
Designing Engaging STEM ActivitiesRE-SEED Volunteer-Developed Labs and Activities

Build It - Engineering DrawingsEngineering Drawings
Implementing Engaging STEM Activities
Friday, September 5
Workshop 4
Inquiry Based Learning and "How People Learn"We are Teaching but are they Learning?

Inquiry Videos

What is inquiry?
Thursday, September 11
Workshop 5
What is Life Activity
Physical Science Activity
RE-SEED Experiences from a Classroom Teacher
Friday, September 12
Workshop 6
Teacher/Volunteer MOUsTeacher Volunteer Contract Presentation

Blank RE-SEED MOU Document
Being an Effective RE-SEED Volunteer - a Presentation by Jim BurtonBeing an Effective RE-SEED Volunteer
Missing Mass ExperimentMissing Mass Activity
Certification and Placement Information


Additional Resources
Lesson on simple machines and friction
Simple Machines Presentation
Towns and Schools with Previous Volunteers
Understanding Science (UC Berkeley)
Pendulum Training
Build It (Engineering Drawings)
Density of Solids Lab Activity
Physics Education Teaching Project
Choosing a STEM Career
FOSS Web Teacher Training Video
Teachers Give Crowdfunding an A+