The lab is featured in this video discussing how VR can aid physical therapy interventions for children with cerebral palsy.

Dr. Levac is one of the experts consulted for ‘The case for a course of virtual reality‘ in US News & World Report.

The lab was featured in a video on 

Dr. Levac’s work was featured in the April 2018 issue of PT in Motion, in an article entitled “Putting the ‘fun’ into functional recovery“.

Dr. Levac is speaking at an NU Alumni event in Cape Cod on May 16th.

Lab co-op student Murray Sandmeyer is featured in the Northeastern news.

Dr. Levac’s comments were featured in an article about virtual reality therapy after stroke on

The lab’s research is featured in a blog post by iMotions about VR biometric research.

Dr. Levac was interviewed for a video blog post on virtual reality and rehabilitation for Physiopedia.

Dr. Levac was interviewed for an article on entitled “Affordable VR Will Take Immersive Therapy Mainstream.”

The ReGame-VR lab was featured in the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences Fall 2016 Newsletter.

ReGame-VR lab student project led by Quan Do wins Outstanding Undergraduate Student Research Award for Engineering and Technology! Read more about it here.

The lab was featured on

The ReGame-VR lab is profiled in the November 2015 issue of the Newsletter of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation (ISVR): Check it out here.

The ReGame-VR Lab Explores Applications of Active Games and Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation. Read more here.

A Sensor-based App for Video Game Play. Read more here.

Does Virtual Reality Have a Place in Physical Therapy? Dr. Levac was interviewed for this article, which you can read here.

Watch Northeastern’s video on Regame VR Lab.