Rehabilitation Games & Virtual Reality (ReGame-VR) Laboratory

The ReGame-VR lab focuses on promoting the sustainable, evidence-based integration of virtual reality (VR) and active video gaming systems into rehabilitation. We explore how VR-based therapy can improve motor learning, balance, functional mobility and participation in children and adults with neuromotor impairments. We evaluate motor learning paradigms in virtual environments to understand how task practice conditions impact motor learning processes and outcomes. Our mission is to produce clinically-relevant, high-quality evidence in the field of virtual rehabilitation. A key goal is to partner with clinicians to create user-friendly knowledge translation resources that facilitate the integration of VR and active video gaming into clinical practice.

Specifically, we conduct research to:

  • Understand how VR systems can exploit key motor learning principles known to be critical for rehabilitation (such as motivation, task-oriented training and multisensory feedback) and create transfer-oriented practice conditions.
  • Evaluate motor learning research paradigms in virtual environments to explore how differing task practice conditions impact motor learning outcomes.
  • Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of VR systems and active video games that promote motor learning and functional recovery from neurological impairments.
  • Create knowledge translation resources for therapists interested in integrating VR and gaming systems into clinical practice.

We are interested in collaborating with game developers and designers!


Current studies!! Please see our current recruitment page for more information.