The Minor in Information Science
Revision of February 4, 2013

The minor in Information Science consists of 5 full courses of 4 SH each and 2 laboratory courses of 1 SH each. Therefore, the minor normally requires 22 SH.

Students in Computer & Information Science are not permitted to do a minor in CS or a minor in IS.

IS Minor Requirements

The following 2 courses and 2 labs are required for the minor in Information Science:

A grade of C- or better is required in the above courses.

The following course is also required for the minor in Information Science:

In addition, the minor in Information Science requires 2 Information Science electives for 4 SH credit each. An Information Science elective is defined as a 4 or 5 SH course that satisfies one of:

Finally, the following standards must be attained:

Application for the Minor and Confirmation of the Minor

To apply for the minor, send e-mail to:

Include your full name and your NU student ID.

If you wish to discuss the minor before making a commitment, please ask for an appointment when you send e-mail to the above address.

When you are in your final semester and about to complete the minor, please confirm by sending e-mail to the above address. If the minor is completed successfully, a notation is posted on the final transcript.

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