The Minor in Computer Science
Revision of Summer 2015

The minor in Computer Science consists of 5 full courses of 4 SH each and 2 laboratory courses of 1 SH each. Therefore, the minor normally requires 22 SH.

In Summer 2015, CCIS introduced the concept of meaningful minors. This idea permits a student to take one of the electives in the minor from a list of courses in other colleges that have some relation to computation or information. This allows a student to integrate the minor perhaps with a course in their major or perhaps with a course of interest from any other unit. Of course, a student may also take all 5 full courses in the minor from within CCIS.

Students in Computer & Information Science are not permitted to do a minor in CS or a minor in IS.

Students in EECE should consult the information below that describes special substutions that have historically been permitted.

CS Minor Requirements for EECE Students

CS Minor Requirements

The following 2 courses and 2 labs are required for the minor in Computer Science:

A grade of C- or better is required in the above courses.

In addition, the minor in Computer Science requires 3 elective courses of 4 credits each.

At least 2 of these electives must be Computer Science electives. For the purposes of the CS minor, a Computer Science elective is defined as a 4 SH course that satisfies one of:

Special Note: EECE students are not permitted to take CS 3520.

The final elective for a CS minor may be either another CS elective or may be a CCIS meaningful minor elective.

Academic Standards

Finally, the following academic standards must be attained:

Application for the Minor and Confirmation of the Minor

To apply for the minor, send e-mail to:

Include your full name and your NU student ID.

If you wish to discuss the minor before making a commitment, please ask for an appointment when you send e-mail to the above address.

When you are in your final semester and about to complete the minor, please confirm by sending e-mail to the above address. If the minor is completed successfully, a notation is posted on the final transcript.

CS Minor Requirements for EECE Students

For students in EECE, certain CS/EECE courses have been permitted to substitute for certain CS courses in the CS minor. These rules were a recursor to the meaningful minors concept that now applies to all students. The following information documents the rules that have been in place for EECE students.

What substitutions are permitted for EECE students depends on which version of the EECE curriculum is being followed by the student.

The academic standards stated above in the CS Minor Requirements apply to EECE students.

Substitutions for the old EECE curriculum in which EECE 3324 and CS 1500/1501 are required.

The College will permit the following substitutions of courses normally required of EECE students for courses in the CS minor:

A grade of C- or better is required in CS 1500 and CS 1501.

CS 2500 Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 and its lab CS 2501 are not required for EECE students following the old curriculum.

CS 2500/2501 may be taken as a CS elective if desired. If taken, then students will be prepared for CS 2800/2801 and partially prepared for CS 4400. Students should not take these particular more advanced courses without taking CS 2500/2501.

EECE students must meet the requirement for 3 Computer Science elective courses, as defined above except that CS 3520 may not be taken. Given the substitutions above, EECE students may attain the CS minor with 12 additional SH of credit. These 12 SH must be taken in CCIS. No further transfer credit will be permitted.

As above, the following specific IS courses IS 4200, IS 4300, and IS 4700 are permitted to count for the CS minor.

Substitutions for the new EECE curriculum in which EECE 2160/2161 is required.

The following EECE course and its lab will count for the CS minor:

The following CS course and its lab is required with a grade of C- or better:

Students may then take 3 CS courses numbered 2510 or higher except that CS 3520 may NOT be taken.

As above, the following specific IS courses IS 4200, IS 4300, and IS 4700 are permitted to count for the CS minor.

Note 1: If an EECE student has sufficient knowledge of basic object oriented programming then they may request a Banner override to go on to a higher level CS course directly without taking CS 2510. This waiver of CS 2510 will not carry course credit and will not count for the minor.

Note 2: CS courses numbered 3000 or higher will double count as Technical Electives in EECE as will the 3 IS courses.