Resources for PROTECT Trainees

Welcome to PROTECT!

To help you understand the extent of our Center’s activities, we have created some resources for you to access as well as helpful reminders of things you should do now that you are a member of the PROTECT team.

Learn more about PROTECT (beyond your own research group)

  1. Explore this website! We recommend the following pages to start: About PROTECT, About SRP, PROTECT in the News, and Research.
  2. Join the PROTECT Center Professional Network on LinkedIn to connect with other trainees, find job opportunities, and more!
  3. Follow PROTECT on social media outlets like twitter, Google+ and Facebook.
  4. Make sure you are a member of our PROTECT student listserv – you can request to join here.
  5. Attend all of the PROTECT community events – you will be notified via emails through the listserv.

Two important reminders

All PROTECT trainees must have formal training in human subjects research and research ethics (other certifications may also be required, depending on your institution and your research area.) Please talk with your advisor to make sure that your certifications are in order, and contact us if you still have questions.

All PROTECT trainees must complete their individual development plans – learn more here.