Trainee Nerida de Jesus Presents at 10th National Monitoring Conference

Nerida-PhotoProject 4 Trainee Nerida de Jesus presented research at the 10th National Monitoring Conference in Tampa, FL, on May 2-6, 2016. The conference, sponsored by the National Water Quality Monitoring Council, brought together over 700 attendees from academia, federal and local government, and industry for discussions and panels focusing around the theme of “Working Together for Clean Water.” Attendees included members of the EPA, USGS, and Department of Natural Resources.

Nerida presented “Assessing the Awareness and Difficulties of Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Areas: The Case of Non-PRASA Communities in Puerto Rico,” co-written with Arshley Rey, Angeliz Vangas, Isabelle Martinez, and Project 4 leader Ingrid Y. Padilla. The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) serves over 97% of the population, but the remaining 3% are often from poorer communities in remote, isolated areas. These communities often encounter difficulties surrounding the testing of their well water quality.

Nerida, Arshley, and Angeliz have been working with community leaders in Añasco, Puerto Rico, to monitor well water and ensure the water is safe to consume. They undertook this project through their own initiative, and are working with CEC co-leader Dr. Carmen Vélez Vega on community engagement in this area. Click here to read more.