September Webinar – Dr. Eric Suuberg

The Brown SRP – Overview and Recent Results on the Vapor Intrusion Problem

Eric M. Suuberg
Professor of Engineering – Brown University
Co-Director of the Brown SRP

Professor Suuberg’s research interests center on energy and environmental areas, involving study of fuel chemistry (coal, oil shale, biomass), activated carbons (production and properties), materials reuse (automobile tires, coal fly ash), fire safety and, most recently, the characterization and cleanup of lands and sediments contaminated with mixed pollutants with a focus on thermodynamics of mixtures of high molecular weight organic compounds and the related problem of vapor intrusion.

Professor Suuberg has been at Brown since 1981, when he was one of the founding members of Brown’s Chemical Engineering program. His research interests have been in the areas of energy and environmental engineering. He has served as Associate Dean of the Faculty (2002-2005), as Chair of the Psychology Department (2004-5) and as a member of the Executive Committee of the Division of Engineering. He is currently Co-Director of the Superfund Basic Research Program, and a co-founder of the COE concentration as well as a co-founder of the new masters Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME). He is a principal editor of the journal Fuel.

This webinar was held September 9, 2011 – listen to a recording of Dr. Suuberg’s talk here.

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