Research Translation in PROTECT’s Projects and Cores

The Research Translation Core (RTC) provides coordination and leadership across PROTECT to ensure that all research is widely communicated in multiple ways.  Research translation activities come in many forms: public education; provision of data and analysis to local, state, territorial, and federal agencies; educational work with professional groups; intellectual property actions such as patents; communication to our national Superfund Research Program headquarters and to the other Superfund Research Program Center; sharing data with other parts of our own PROTECT Center.

Here we offer the research translation accomplishments of PROTECT Projects and Cores, based on our RTC interviews and interaction with each Core and Project. We also include self-reports by scientists who have chosen to expand their efforts beyond their own Project through engaging in PROTECT-wide research translation. So far we have a few, and will continue to add more.

Project 2 – Research Translation Activities

Project 3 – Research Translation Activities

Project 5 – Research Translation Activities

Core D – Research Translation Activities