Research Translation

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The Research Translation Coordinator (RTC) works with PROTECT project and core leaders to ensure that all research is widely translated to stakeholders (federal/state/local, particularly to the entire SRP community and EPA and ATSDR), policymakers, professional societies/groups, industry, the university research community, non-profits, and broader public audiences. The RTC initiates journal articles that report on overall PROTECT outreach and emergency response. The RTC collaborates with PROTECT projects and cores to foster investigator-initiated research translation originating from these projects and from Center activities, as well as assist in grant proposal writing. The RTC organizes collaborations with other research teams, outside of PROTECT, who are working on related topics. The RTC meets regularly with each project leader to coordinate research translation for Center research and provides support for staff and trainees on translational work.

Phil Brown, Research Translation Coordinator

University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences
Director, Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute
Northeastern University

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