WVU researchers visit local research site, Buckeye Cave

PROTECT researchers Prof. Dorothy Vesper and graduate student Amanda Laskoskie (West Virginia University) recently took a trip to Buckeye Cave in West Virginia. Buckeye Cave, formed from the same geological processes as the karst (limestone) aquifers in Puerto Rico, is Amanda’s local research site that she uses to develop the models that will be used to understand how pollutants may travel through Puerto Rico’s aquifers. The goal of this particular trip was to place several temperature loggers that will record the changes in water temperature over time, as well as to take water samples at different locations within the cave and associated Buckeye Creek.

Photos taken by John Tudek, who also served as the guide for the cave and the regional geology.  John is a PhD student at WVU and is assisting Amanda with technical and caving issues.  Read more about John and the WVU team here.