PROTECT represented at RISE2014

Five members of PROTECT presented at this year’s Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo.
RISE is an annual exhibit of exciting new research at Northeastern University that can be translated into real-world applications. Below are descriptions of their posters, which are available for download.

Leiming Yu’s presentation illustrated how PROTECT [Core D] efficiently manages big data and distributes customized reports for different targets without disseminating sensitive information. This data helps researchers study the correlation between environmental pollution and preterm delivery issue in Puerto Rico. The poster shows the data export structure, the data checking and visualization tools, and the current status of the project. [Download Leiming’s poster]



FallahpourNoushin_RISE2014Noushin Fallahpour’s work focuses on the development of strategies for TCE remediation in karstic aquifers that are green, sustainable, and effective [Project 5]. She and her colleagues examined Palladium-catalyzed hydrodechlorination under a high flow rate pumping system to prevent clogging caused by precipitates formation due to iron anode application. As the amount of precipitation is a limiting factor in two-electrode systems including iron anode, using Pd particles as catalyst and providing high flow rate facilities could improve the remediation rate, which is one of the most important aspects for remediation treatment processes. [Download Noushin’s poster]






Ljiljana Rajic’s research is focused on trichloroethylene (TCE) removal from groundwater by an electrochemical flow-through reactor [Project 5]. Her presentation at RISE 2014 explained the influence of cathode material on TCE transformation in aqueous solution. [Download Ljiljana’s poster] 







Yuanyuan Yao presented on the tea bag technique that she and her colleagues developed to extract analytes in urine samples efficiently [Project 3]. The tea bag technique allows convenient delivery, storage, and repeated measurements.









Ali Ciblak presented results of experiments using iron electrolysis, a novel electrochemical process that is proposed for the remediation of TCE co-contaminated groundwater [Project 5]. He and his colleagues evaluated the role of iron electrolysis in improving electrochemical remediation of a variety of groundwater contaminants. [Download Ali’s poster]