Karst Conference Mentioned in September Issue of Eos

Featured in the September 1st issue of Eos: Earth and Space Science News was the PROTECT-sponsored conference “Karst, Groundwater Contamination, & Public Health: Moving Beyond Case Studies,” an event held in late January in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In addition to being sponsored by PROTECT, the conference was supported by the non-profit organization Karst Waters Institute (KWI), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), and the National Science Foundation (NSF). The conference was led and attended by many PROTECT team members and was reported about on the website shortly after the event took place.

The Eos report is titled “Groundwater Contamination in Karst Regions Affects Human Health,” and it discusses the way in which karst is particularly prone to groundwater contamination. Since many rely on this groundwater for daily use (drinking, cooking, etc.), health problems can arise in exposed populations. You can read the piece online in its article format or on page 8 of the site’s uploaded September magazine. You can also see photos from the described event here.