News Archive - Training Core

December Webinar: A Conversation on New Jersey’s Historic Environmental Justice Bill with Maria Lopez-Nuñez of the Ironbound Community Corporation - December 7, 2020

PROTECT Welcomes the 2020 Class of Student Researchers at Trainee Orientation - November 10, 2020

Project 3 Trainee Luisa Feliciano gives outstanding presentation on “Visual Design Consideration when Preparing Media” at recent Trainee Coffee Hour - August 3, 2020

PROTECT RETCC hosts Trainee Virtual Coffee Hour with NIEHS Staff & Researchers - July 8, 2020

April Webinar: Dr. Larry Lash, “Renal Toxicology of Trichloroethylene” - March 5, 2020

Fall 2019 Technical Webinar: “Single cell bioinformatics and metabolomics: Methods and Tools for environmental health research” by Dr. Lana Garmire - November 27, 2019

Trainee Spotlight: Shi Dong - November 26, 2019

Five PROTECT Trainees Receive Individual Development Plan Awards - November 22, 2019

PROTECT Welcomes the 2019 Class of Student Researchers at Trainee Orientation - October 16, 2019

Fall 2019 Professional Development Webinar: “Publishing Environmental Health Research: Tips for Authors” by Dr. Sally Darney - October 9, 2019

Training Core Presents the PROTECT Academy Seminar on Big Data Analytics - June 12, 2019

PROTECT Hosts the 2019 Annual Northeast SRP Meeting at Northeastern University - April 23, 2019

PROTECT Training Core Leader Tom Sheahan appointed Senior Vice Provost for Curriculum and Programs at Northeastern University -

March Webinar: Dr. Leo Trasande, “Sicker Fatter Poorer: The Urgent Threat of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Our Health and Future” - February 21, 2019

PROTECT Welcomes the 2018 Class of Student Researchers at Trainee Orientation - October 30, 2018

November Webinar: Tracey Woodruff, “Without Consent: Chemical Exposures and Our Health” - October 16, 2018

May Webinar: Ivan Rusyn, “Exploring the characterization of human variability with in vivo and in vitro experimental models” - February 26, 2018

February Webinar: Fabienne Petit, “Assessment of Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia Coli in Karst Hydrosystems” - January 16, 2018