PROTECT featured as part of the SWIM Water Innovation Exhibition

SWIM is a gathering of senior executives in the water technology and engineering industry working in collaboration to further Massachusetts position in the global marketplace. This year’s conference was held on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at Northeastern; it convened top leaders to explore global opportunities and how our industry can accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to the world’s water needs.

PROTECT was featured as part of the SWIM Water Innovation Exhibition. PROTECT trainees Lily Rajic, Ali Ciblak, and Noushin Fallahpour presented recent work on solar-powered electrochemical technologies for groundwater treatment that have been developed through NIEHS SRP support. The proposed approach is of value to SWIM attendees as 1) it is sustainable and driven by a renewable energy source, 2) it does not require the addition of solutions or chemicals into groundwater, making it environmentally friendly.

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Project 5 Trainees Noushin Fallahpour and Lily Rajic

Project 5 Trainees Ali Ciblak and Lily Rajic