PROTECT Dataset: Urinary mass spectrometry

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Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6


Original data collected on participants in PROTECT SRP Center.

Relevant Papers:

X. Li, L. Yu, D. Kaeli, Y. Yao, P. Wang, R. Giese, V. Yuas and A. Alshawabkeh, A Framework for Big Metabolomic Data Management and Analysis, International Journal on Advances in Software, 9(1-2), 2016, pp. 50-61. [Project 3, Core D]
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Data Set Information:

This dataset contains measurements of urinary mass spectrometry data for 6 pregnant women enrolled in PROTECT. Each file corresponds to data on one participant.

Missing Data: Yes To get more information on variables and full analyte names please see the relevant paper.


Variable / variable type / Data Category
(MASS_INTENSITY) / decimal / Non-Targeted Biological
(PEAKS) / decimal / Non-Targeted Biological