PROTECT at NU’s Pop-Up Open Lab Experience


Left to right: Reza Ghasemizadeh (Project 5), Leiming Yu (Core D), Xiangyu Li (Core D), Professor Dave Kaeli (Core D), and Harshi Weerasinghe (Project 5)


On October 27th, Professor Dave Kaeli and trainees from Core D and Project 5 presented at the 6th annual Northeastern Pop-Up Open Lab Experience and Reception entitled, “Aha! Making Sense from Big Data.” Through posters and software demonstrations, the group on how the PROTECT Center uses various kinds of data to explore the relationship between contamination and preterm birth, as well as what it takes to manage and utilize this enormous dataset comprised of biological, environmental and chemical samples.





Left to right: Professor Dave Kaeli, Stephen Director (NU Provost), and Mel Bernstein (NU Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education) discuss the PROTECT Center and big data


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