November Trainee Skill-Builder Workshop – Research Translation and Innovation: Results to Patents

Research Translation and Innovation: Results to Patents

Anne-Marie Dinius, Intellectual Property Manager, Center for Research Innovation, Northeastern University

This webinar will answer the question – how do the results I obtain in the lab turn into patentable intellectual property? Among other patent law fundamentals, IP Attorney Anne-Marie Dinius will answer the following questions:

(1) What is a patent?
(2) How do you get one?
(3) Why should you seek patent protection?
(4) What can you do to make sure that you protect your ideas and your rights to seek patent protection?
(5) Who owns the rights to your inventions?
(6) What is in it for you?

After laying this groundwork, Anne-Marie will give some examples of what can go wrong in the process. Finally, she will highlight a couple of case studies from universities showing how the tech transfer process can be the first step in the successful formation of start-up companies.

Anne-Marie Dinius has been an intellectual property attorney for 13 years and has worked at large, international law firms, in house for Sony PlayStation, as a sole practitioner, and presently as I.P. Manager for Northeastern University. This diverse background has allowed her to practice law through every type of business lens.

She specializes in protecting intellectual property rights through patent procurement, licensing, and litigation. Anne-Marie is a registered patent attorney and an Electrical Engineer. She prides herself on digging into the heart of an invention by collaborating with inventors to ensure that they seek patent protection for the broadest claims of their inventions.

Prior to attending law school, Anne-Marie was an electrical engineer at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory. As an attorney, she has represented large clients, i.e., multi-billion dollar companies, as well as numerous start-ups, where she has enjoyed using her big-firm training to provide her clients with IP solutions that fit their respective budgets. Her motto is – how do we get to YES!

This webinar was held via WebEx on November 18, 2011 from 11am-noon ET. You can see the recording here.

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