May Highlight: Training Core’s Kristin Hicks receives NUCOE Outstanding Staff Award



Kristin Hicks, Executive Director of the PROTECT Training Core, received the 2014 Northeastern University College of Engineering Outstanding Staff Award. Kristin’s responsibilities have included the coordination and implementation of educational initiatives, student activities and outreach efforts for PROTECT and a few NEU programs which involves managing the administration of trainees activities. 

Kristin works closely with the training core team and the PROTECT leadership to provide an enhanced level of research and professional training for program trainees to become scientist-citizens. She coordinates professional development activities for the trainees and planning of education and outreach initiatives. She was instrumental in the development and execution of the PROTECT Academy, a series of informative seminars that define and describe specific environmental health disciplines (Contaminant Transport in Groundwater, Epidemiology, Remediation, Toxicology, Risk Assessment) such that students, researchers and faculty who are not expert in those disciplines can meaningfully understand the disciplines’ underlying concepts. Ultimately, the Training Core engages students in a broad-based, interdisciplinary set of activities, providing points of integration for the program as a whole.

Congratulations Kristin!