Giese receives $100K grant to improve testing for carcinogens in food

roger_gieseAs a spin-off of technology developed in the PROTECT program,  Roger Giese (Project 3 Leader) has received  funding from the Exploratory Grant Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), which is part of the Department of Agriculture.  The idea of the project is to expand and replace many tests for carcinogens in foods by a single test.

The Exploratory Grant Program is described as follows. This new program area encourages continuous development of innovative ideas that will position US Agriculture at the global forefront.  These developments will lead to a quantum leaps in the agricultural fields.  They will address the challenges that have never been addressed before in the areas of food security, climate change, environmental quality and natural resources, nutrition, obesity, food safety, strong families and vibrant communities, and thriving youth.

Giese will take advantage of novel mass tag technology developed in his laboratory that boosts sensitivity and specificity for analysis of environmental damage to DNA. In the PROTECT project, such technology is being applied to placenta from women in Puerto Rico. Exposure of these women to chemicals from Superfund Sites might contribute to preterm birth by attacking placental DNA.

Congratulations Roger!