2012 ATSDR-SRP Dialog Meeting


August 7-8, 2012


Chamblee Campus in Atlanta, Georgia


Project/Core Leaders, PROTECT students.  Access the full participant list here.

The PROTECT program was well represented at ATSDR’s meeting with the theme “Connecting Research and Practice: A Dialogue between ATSDR and the NIEHS Superfund Research Program.”  This event fostered collaborative research, engagement, and translation between Superfund Research Program and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to maximize the positive effect of research dollars on environmental public health.

PROTECT also presented three posters at the ATSDR meeting. Project 1 leader and NEU professor Roger Giese and NEU students Gang Shao, Poguang Wang, and Yuanyuan Yao presented a poster titled “Cohort Urine Exposome Library from Puerto Rico, an Island with Many Superfund Sites and a High Incidence of Preterm Birth.”  Project 4 leader and UPRM professor Ingrid Padilla, UPRM faculty member Raul Machiavelli, West Virginia University professor Dorothy Vesper, and UPRM student Angel Anaya presented “Estimation of Preferential Contaminant Transport in Karst Groundwater Systems.”  Finally, PI and Project 5 leader Akram Alshawabkeh of NEU, NEU faculty member Ferdi Hellweger, Ingrid Padilla, NEU students Reza Ghasemizadeh, Dogus Meric, Christoph Butscher and UPRM students Celys Irizarry, Angel Anaya and Joniqua Howard presented “Modeling Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Fate and Transport in the North Coast Karst Aquifer of Puerto Rico.”

For more details, visit the event page here.