2011 PROTECT Annual Retreat


February 4-5, 2011


Dorado, Puerto Rico


Project/Core Leaders, Advisory Committee Members, Project/Core Researchers, Administrative Staff, Students

PROTECT’s first annual retreat was held at the Embassy Suites in Dorado, Puerto Rico, near the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. The annual retreat was very successful and a great opportunity for the PROTECT staff to come together as a group and present the various components of the program. Highlights of the agenda were: SRP Program Presentation and Discussion, PROTECT Program Overview, Program Progress – Objectives and Status, Community Engagement, and Research Translation. The PROTECT Executive Committee met the evening of the first day. Breakout sessions were held both days, and the formal agenda concluded with a PROTECT investigators debriefing.

On February 7th, Dr. Tom Miller, a karst geologist at UPRM, hosted a field trip with Project 4 Leader Ingrid Padilla, to visit various sites in the area.

Thank you to all the participants who helped make the annual retreat such a success.