Community Engagement Core Advisory Committee convenes at the Manatí Medical Center

The Community Engagement Advisory Committee at work

 On Monday, November 24, 2014, the PROTECT Community Engagement Core and Human Subjects and Sampling Cores convened a meeting of the Community Engagement Advisory Committee at the Manatí Medical Center.   This meeting was organized with the support of the Manatí Medical Center Community Relations Department. The meeting centered on providing a overview of the work PROTECT has done over the past 5 years as well as our plans for coming years. The group also opened to a dialogue on what we need to do to promote educational and research “report-back” activities for the study subjects and their communities. The attendees included representatives of the community health clinics, communityorganizations as March of Dimes, and other stakeholders. Representing PROTECT were doctoral trainees Norma Torres and Colleen Murphy and investigators Carmen M. Vélez Vega (CEC) and Liza Anzalota (CEC/HSC).

Doctoral candidate Norma Torres presents to the committee

This productive meeting was a great opportunity to engage these stakeholders in PROTECT’s present and future work with community partners and participants.   Meeting participants expressed their commitment to working as advisers for the Community Engagement Core. Attendees mentioned the need for training and education on environmental health relevant to PROTECT themes, in order to be able to share knowledge with patients that they serve at their clinics and local community organizations.

Read more about “report-back” from the Silent Spring Institute.

Thanks to everyone who participated!