Executive Committee

Akram Alshawabkeh

Principal Investigator and Co-Director, PROTECT Program,
Project 5 Leader, Administrative Core Co-Leader

George A. Snell Professor of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Dean for Research, Northeastern University
a.alshawabkeh@northeastern.edu – visit website

Phil Brown

Research Translation Core Leader, Community Engagement Core Co-Leader

University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences
Director, Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute
Northeastern University
p.brown@northeastern.edu – visit website

José F. Cordero

Co-Director, PROTECT Program,
Human Subjects and Sampling Core Leader

Patel Distinguished Professor of Public Health, Chair, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Georgia
jcordero@uga.edu – visit website

David Kaeli

Data Management and Modeling Core Leader

Director of the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research Laboratory
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University
kaeli@ece.neu.edu – visit website

John Meeker

Project 1 Leader

Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Associate Dean for Research, School of Public Health, University of Michigan
meekerj@umich.edu – visit website

Sean Harris

Project 2 Leader

Research Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
University of Michigan
harrsemi@umich.edu – visit website

Ingrid Padilla

Project 3 Leader

Associate Professor in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Thomas Sheahan

Training Core Leader

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University
tsheahan@northeastern.edu – visit website

Carmen Milagros Vélez Vega

Community Engagement Core Co-Leader

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Social Sciences
University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus