June 2020 Spotlight

PROTECT Study finds that among metals, maternal blood lead concentrations were strongly associated with increased risk of preterm birth

PROTECT explores how environmental exposures during pregnancy may impact preterm birth risk, specifically studying a Puerto Rican cohort due to higher levels of preterm birth compared to the U.S. mainland. In this instance, pregnant women in this cohort had relatively low blood lead (Pb) concentrations when compared to the general US population. However, despite the lower concentrations, analysis revealed that maternal blood lead was the most strongly associated with increased risk of preterm birth of all the metals assessed. The results provide evidence that even very low lead exposure, indicated by blood lead levels well below current reference levels, may be associated with preterm birth. Additionally, they found that elevated levels of essential metals manganese and zinc during pregnancy may also adversely affect birth outcomes.

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Where are Superfund Sites in Puerto Rico?

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