Secondary Applications

Secondary applications are sent directly to applicants by the health professions admissions offices. You will receive these applications after you have submitted your primary application. Different schools have different criteria for who they invite to submit a secondary application. Some schools will send them to every candidate who applies to their program. Some will wait until applicants have been verified and send them just to applicants who meet their GPA and entrance exam score requirements. Some schools will select only candidates who they are very interested in for secondaries. Your application is not considered to be complete until you have submitted your secondary application.

Secondary applications are designed by the individual programs to learn more about applicants. It’s important to realize that secondary applications are both labor intensive and expensive. They typically require answers to essay questions. There is also a fee for submitting your secondary application. Set aside time and money in preparation for writing your essays and paying for submission. Returning your secondary applications within a week or two shows schools that your professional school application is the most important thing in the world to you. Waiting longer can hurt your application. When you put together your list of schools to which you plan to apply, take these secondary applications into account. Don’t apply to so many schools that you won’t have the time or money for the secondary applications.