Preparing for the Interview


An invitation by a health professional school to come to interview means that your application is competitive and you now have the opportunity personally to present your credentials, to impress the decision-makers, and differentiate yourself from other applicants. Please let the PreHealth Office know as soon as you receive interview offers. We will do our best to connect you with Northeastern University alumni who are current students at schools where you will interview.

It’s natural to feel both excitement and anxiety as you get ready for your interviews. Focus your attention on preparing yourself effectively – doing so will help reduce the anxiety you may have. Go over everything that you put on your application and make sure that you are able to talk in detail about all information that you have presented, including weaknesses. Make sure you understand what each school offers and what specifically they look for in their students; then match your unique skills and attributes to these characteristics. Put together some questions to ask, making sure that these questions cannot be answered from the website.  Spend some time honing your interview skills on Interview Stream. Do a practice interview with a friend, advisor from the PreHealth program or a counselor in Career Development.

Be aware that many schools are now giving Multiple-Mini Interviews (MMIs). An MMI differs from a traditional interview in that you will have the opportunity to meet with more representatives of the school but have less time to talk to each of them.

For more information on interviews, see the following resources: