Undergraduate Students

Class OutsideWhether you are now just beginning to explore medicine as a career or whether you have already completed the first steps and are committed to your journey, it is important for you to self-enroll in the PreHealth Advising Program so that you become known to us and join our e-mail list.  Please log into your myNEU portal and follow the directions to set up a Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) on the Self Service tab.  After you set up your account, make sure to review information about being a PreHealth student, Committee Letter requirements, and timelines.

We encourage you to plan and prepare as early in your academic career as possible in order to select appropriate coursework and to take advantage of opportunities to explore medicine and to participate in biomedical research while studying at Northeastern.

As an undergraduate, you may be a few years away from your application year.  You have some time to explore a variety of healthcare careers in all fields of medicine.  It is important that you become knowledgeable about the many roles that healthcare professionals have and how healthcare is provided in the United States. It is also important to gain some research experience.  Competent healthcare professionals need to understand how research is done and how to read and understand scientific journals in their fields.

It is also important that you do not “rush” to apply.  Many undergraduates come to NU thinking that they MUST apply the year before graduating from NU, (i.e., as juniors) in order to be ready to begin their studies directly after NU graduation.  However, your graduation year should not dictate your matriculation year.  The best year to apply is the year in which you can be the most competitive applicant you can be.  For many NU students, that year is the senior year of college, meaning that there is a “gap” of one year between graduating from NU and entering medical school.  For 2010, 47% of the entering class of all US allopathic medical schools reported a gap of at least one year.  The average age of the entering class continues to increase.  As of 2010, it was almost 24 years of age.  For other fields of medicine, the trend is similar.

Medical Applicant Portal (MAP)

The PreHealth Advising Program uses MAP as a way to facilitate application.  Make sure you have an account and keep it current with activities and assessment.  Keeping track of your activities is an important step in creating an online portfolio for yourself so that you will be able to highlight your credentials at application.  You will also use the system to fill out your applicant agreement and self assessment, request letters of evaluation, and request your committee letter interview.