Research and Medicine

All future physicians and dentists should get some research experience, e.g. a research co-op, research in a faculty lab, or a summer internship.  Developing research skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis will help you in your admissions exam and in your medical training and practice.

If you are really passionate about research and can envision research as a major part of your career, you should consider a dual medical/PhD degree.  These degrees are offered for all six of the medical programs that we support (DMD/PhD, DPM/PhD, DO/PhD, MD/PhD, OD/PhD, and VMD/PhD).

The first step is to read about the available programs and their requirements and the second step is to get as much high-quality research experience as you can.  Make sure that you are really involved in asking scientific questions, not just following recipes.  Of course you will still need to gain some clinical experience and maintain an excellent academic record!


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