Exploring Medicine

Careers in the Health Professions are both rewarding and demanding. Before you begin down the path of a healthcare career, be sure that you understand the requirements of the professions. Consider your values, skills, and interests and make sure that they are a good fit with medicine. Healthcare practitioners enjoy working with people, are curious about the sciences, are team players, and are dedicated to their work. There are over 100 healthcare-related careers, many of which you may not have considered yet! Begin your research by visiting the profession specific tabs, visiting Northeastern University Career Development, and consulting online resources (see Additional Resources of Interest below for recommendations).

The best way to find out what will be a good fit for you is to get out into the real world and gain some experience. Consider some of the following options:

  • Volunteer at a hospital, clinic or shelter.
  • Complete a health care related internship.
  • Find a part time job in a hospital, doctor’s office or other health care setting.
  • Seek out a clinical co-op, either in clinical research or practice.
  • Shadow a health professional to gain a “Day in the Life” perspective. (Read the new AAMC guidelines before you begin your shadow experience.)

Talk to patients and practitioners. Listen to the conversations that occur around you while you are in the field. Watch the different roles of different professionals. What perspective do you find yourself drawn toward? Do you feel comfortable in the environment? Do you wish you could be doing more?

(Freshmen: think about beginning to volunteer in a hospital or to perform community service during the second semester of your freshman year if you are doing well academically. Spend your first semester focusing on academics, exploring new interests, and getting acclimated to Northeastern.)

If you need help finding summer internships or additional opportunities like community service, hospital volunteering, or other experiences, please visit the Experiential Preparation Page at this website.

Additional Resources of Interest

To read more about Northeastern students in medicine, visit Northeastern University Profiles of Success to read what Alumni have to say about their training.