An honest self-assessment is the first step in determining if you are ready to apply, or should defer to another year. Your goal is not to apply, rather it is to become a healthcare professional. The application process should be deliberate and not rushed. The best year in which to apply is the year in which you can be the most competitive applicant possible. For some students this will mean applying as a junior, for some it will mean applying as a senior, and for some it will be better to wait until you are an alumni with at least a couple years of work experience. Remember, you will have a half-century to practice! Plan for the long-term, don’t rush based on preconceived timelines.

To qualify for a Committee Letter, applicants for must submit a completed Self Assessment by January 31 of the year they are applying.

Before Application/First Time Applicants

The Self Assessment can be downloaded from the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) at any point in your academic career. We encourage you to complete an assessment on an annual basis as a way to reflect upon your accomplishments to date, and to determine if you have any areas of concern. If you do find weaknesses in your application, consider if they may be realistically addressed on your current timeline, or if you would be better off deferring.


The Self Assessment Guide for Re-Applicants can be downloaded from MAP as well. Fill out this self-assessment if you have ever applied before, regardless of year. This assessment is designed to reflect upon your accomplishments to date, why you feel you weren’t accepted in your previous application and how you have addressed these concerns. Admissions Committees will look closely to see how you have enhanced your application since your previous submission. Consider if you have improved your application sufficiently to apply on your current timeline, or if you would be better off taking additional time. The PreHealth Advising Program has a three time limit for committee letters.