Letter Process

Letters of Evaluation allow people who know you and have worked with you to support your application. A strong letter provides information about characteristics that will enhance your success in graduate professional school, and as a practitioner. They speak to qualities such as your resourcefulness, integrity, motivation, drive, altruism, interpersonal skills, intellectual drive and curiosity.

Types of Letters

Committee Letter:

The Northeastern PreHealth Advising Program provides a Committee Letter of Evaluation – an honest assessment of your suitability for a career as a healthcare professional. The Committee Letter is a compilation of letters of evaluation, plus an evaluation from the PreHealth Office. It will draw upon our knowledge of your academic success and personal and professional characteristics, as well as the content of individual letters of evaluation from faculty, employers, and others. Please review important information in the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) for letter requirements and deadlines to qualify for a Committee Letter.

If you are applying for admission to schools of allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, or podiatric medicine, and you are applying within three years of NU graduation, a Committee Letter of Evaluation will contribute to a competitive application. Most schools of optometric and veterinary medicine prefer individual letters. However, it is important for you to determine the specific requirements of the schools to which you plan to apply.

Letter Packet:

Students who miss a deadline and therefore become ineligible for a Committee Letter may request a Letter Packet. The Letter Packet includes the same required letters as a Committee Letter, but has a cover page instead of an evaluation from the PreHealth Office. Please see information in MAP for letter requirements for a Letter Packet.

Individual Letters:

Alumni who graduated three or more years ago may opt to ask evaluators to send letters directly to the schools. If you choose to send individual Letters of Evaluation, please do not request them through MAP. Instead, follow the instructions in the common application for your profession, or the directions of the specific schools if they have a different application process. Undergraduates and recent alums may also choose this option, although it is not recommended. For current students and recent alums, please know that most allopathic, osteopathic, dental, and podiatric schools do expect a Committee Letter will be submitted as part of the secondary application.