Northeastern students learn in the classroom, in the laboratory, in the community, and around the world. Those who aspire to be our future medical doctors take advantage of this unique mix of opportunities to gain knowledge, develop skills, and build a professional network that will provide a strong foundation for medical training and practice. Succeeding in the rigorous academic program required for admission to health professional school takes dedication and hard work. Balancing those academic demands with service to the community, research, clinical experiences, and personal interests while trying to navigate a long and complex application process can be daunting. And that’s why we are here to help guide Northeastern students and alumni on their journey by providing high quality information, targeted training, and personalized advising. It is an honor to play a part in the development of students who will make a difference in the lives of their patients, their communities, and the medical profession for years to come.

Our Mission

The purpose of the University PreHealth Advising Program is to provide resources and advising to members of the Northeastern community (students and alums) in all NU colleges and all NU fields of study regarding professional school expectations, preparation requirements, and application processes. Our mission is to both facilitate the success of NU applicants and be a trusted source of competent and caring health professionals. We work with students and alums considering careers in the areas of allopathic medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatric medicine, or veterinary medicine. The NU PreHealth website provides access to on-line resources, a calendar of workshops, presentations, and special events, as well as information about how to request individualized advising, and how to network with other PreHealth students, NU alums who are current medical students, and healthcare professionals.