Environment, Health, and Society (SOCL 7267)

This seminar is oriented to graduate students, and to advanced undergraduates who have relevant background in sociology, anthropology, environmental studies, or public health. This seminar is the core introduction to social science-environmental health collaboration. It provides an overview of key issues in environmental health, through the lens of the transdisciplinary approach involving social science and environmental health, and through the “contested illnesses” perspective that focuses on disputes over environmental causation of disease. We situate environmental health in its scientific background, and in light of political-economic and ideological factors. Our sources of intellectual legacy are diverse, encompassing environmental sociology, environmental health, medical sociology, medical anthropology, science studies, environmental anthropology, community-based participatory research, environmental justice, and environmental history.

Health Social Movements (SOCL 7287)

This graduate seminar centers on health social movements (HSMs), but also provides some exploration in general social movement theory, as well as covering some core medical sociology concerns, such as health inequalities, personal experience of illness, and lay-professional disputes over disease identification, causation, prevention, and treatment.