Who are we?

The Pep Band is a highly spirited organization that supports the athletics department and other student events at Northeastern. The band is under the direction of Assistant Director of Bands Allison Cockshaw-Betsold, and is fully supported by both the Athletic and Music Departments. Additional support is provided by co-advisors Darren Costa (Assistant Director of Marketing) and Allen Feinstein (Director of Bands), and a Student Council elected each year by the band membership. The purpose of this organization is to serve the NU community through its support of the athletic teams and through its participation in non-athletic University and community events. The Pep Band consists of members of the NU community who are dedicated to the quality of the music and a fun atmosphere.

When do we play?

The Pep Band is committed to performing at all home Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s Hockey events, and Women's Volleyball events. The band also travels with the teams for special games and tournaments. This includes such events as the annual Beanpot hockey events, the Frozen Fenway Men's Hockey game, the Men’s and Women's CAA Basketball Tournament held each year in Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C, and recently the NCAA Men's March Madness tournament. In recent years the band has also been asked to play before Red Sox games at Fenway Park and other corporate sponsored events.

That sounds like a large time commitment. What if I have a busy schedule?

Each member is not required to play at every event. Ideally, most people will play less than half of the total number of events. We are of course understanding of any conflict with your class or co-op schedules. Band members without a good attendance record will not be allowed to run for student council positions. For tournaments and other performances with limited seating, priority will be based on a combination of factors including seniority in the ensemble, attendance, and instrumentation needs.

When does the band rehearse?

For the majority of the fall and spring semesters, we rehearse about once a week on Monday nights at 8:30.

Are there auditions?

Auditions for membership may be held for individual instrumental sections in which there is greater
membership interest than the Band has the ability to support. There are currently no auditions for winds.

What instruments are used in the pep band?

Standard wind instrumentation including: Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Trumpet, Mellophone, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, and a full rhythm section.

Do we have a Drum Line?


It's the middle of the semester, can I still join?

If you are interested in joining after the semester has started please reach out to us.

Does NU have a Marching Band?

Northeastern does not have a marching band. However, we have had several NU Bands members who have also performed with marching bands at other local colleges, such as BC and BU. They have been able to participate in both NU Bands and the other group. It is not a conflict of interest to perform with these other ensembles as long as you can still fulfill your obligations to the NU Pep Band.

How do I join?

Send an email to our vice president and they will get you set up with information on our upcoming events. The vice president's email is: nupepbandvp@gmail.com

Who can join NU Bands?

Membership in the two organizations is open to anyone affiliated with the University including the following: Students (undergraduate and graduate, full-time and part-time), Community members, and students at other local schools. For example, past members have included students from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and Emerson College. Only full-time NU undergraduates may vote or hold office.

Do I need to be a music major?

You do not need to be a music major! Typically, we are about 50% science majors, 25% music majors, and 25% other majors. All six of NU's colleges are represented in NU Bands. We all play for fun, but there are opportunities for more advanced musicians such as composition, solos, wind ensemble, and conducting.

Do you offer band scholarships?

Yes, we do! Go to our Band Scholarship Page for more information.

I haven't played in a while, can I still join?

We have musicians of various playing abilities and experience - NU Bands exists for the benefit of everyone! Our goal is to provide the opportunity to continue to play or expand your horizons and learn new instruments.

I don't have an instrument, or it is too large to bring to college. Does the band have any available?

There are a limited number of band-owned instruments, which can be used on a first-come, first-served basis. You can use them at rehearsals and performances, and sign them out for practice or personal use by special arrangement with a council member.

My instrument does not fit in my dorm room, do you have any storage space?

We have our own secure closet. It is specially designed to protect your instrument from temperature and humidity. You may access the closet before and after rehearsals and performances, during office hours, or by special appointment with a council member.