Origin isn’t just an organization.

It’s a community.

We Inspire You

Belonging to the Origin community will provide you with invaluable resources that will inspire you to make an impact in your field. We host speakers from high-profile tech companies in order to facilitate industry engagement, and we are happy to work with you individually to throw around ideas – we’re just as excited as you are!

We Challenge You

We invite you to participate in interactive discussions and activities that will introduce you to your ambitious peers and provide you with context relevant to Deep-Tech applications. Our mission is to work with you to challenge the status-quo through the proposal of cutting-edge ventures and startup endeavors.

We Support You

We want you to be able to pursue any and all Deep-Tech related endeavors, whether you’re developing an app that will facilitate medical support for elderly individuals or you’re simply interested in learning more about Deep-Tech applications and industry advancements.

Events coming soon!

Our events involve speakers, didactic activities, and interactive discussions relating to the core subjects of Deep-Tech in the contemporary world. You won’t want to miss out on what’s coming up next!

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