Our mission is to create an interdisciplinary organization that brings together ambitious minds to foster innovative solutions that fulfill societal needs.


Our purpose is to instill members with an entrepreneurial drive and strong business skill-set in order to accelerate their ideas beyond the lab.


Our objective is to encourage students to step outside of their labs and explore the world of entrepreneurship. With the help of Northeastern’s venture mentor network, the Alpha Fund, and the NSF I-Corps curriculum, we aim to deconvolute the process of taking a disruptive idea and technology from laboratory to market. Origin ventures will have developed prototypes, use cases, business models and more, better preparing them to build strong and successful ventures.

What are we doing at Origin?

At Origin, we aim to promote the future of cutting edge research and deep-technology that will change the world- starting with you.

Origin creates an environment where motivated people from the Northeastern community can access the invaluable resources of Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. By enrolling in the NSF I-Corps program or directly acquiring Alpha Funding, Origin ventures will gain an in-depth understanding of the complex processes behind building a company from the prototyping stage to pitching for seed funding. We provide our ventures with the tools needed to address worldly issues in innovative and creative ways. Ultimately, through their experiences in the entrepreneurial process, teams will be equipped with a sense confidence in their ability to make their vision a reality and take the next steps towards commercialization.

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