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Inbound & Content Marketing

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Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot
The inbound certification course is a free marketing training course that covers the fundamentals of the inbound marketing methodology. Learn how SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern inbound marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing Certification
Content marketing is the foundation for executing an effective inbound marketing strategy. This content marketing certification course will teach you how storytelling, content creation, repurposing and promotion come together to build an inbound content marketing machine that grows your business, and your career.

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Email Marketing Certification
2.4 million emails are sent every second worldwide, but most of them are never opened. This advanced email marketing training course will teach you how lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics and optimization come together to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business, and your career.

Marketing Analytics

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Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ exam. Why earn an individual qualification? While Google Analytics is easy to use for beginners, it’s also a very powerful tool in the hands of knowledgeable users. Qualified users will be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within their organizations and at helping others to do the same.

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Google Adwords Certification
The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

Marketing Research

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National Institutes of Health Protecting Human Research Participants Certification
Research with human subjects can occasionally result in a dilemma for investigators. When the goals of the research are designed to make major contributions to a field, investigators may perceive the outcomes of their studies to be more important than providing protections for individual participants in the research. Although it is understandable to focus on goals, our society values the rights and welfare of individuals. It is not considered ethical behavior to use individuals solely as means to an end. The National Institutes of Health offer a certification course for professionals in any research-related field. This certification allows professionals to demonstrate their dedication to ethical research involving human participants.


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Inbound Sales Certification
HubSpot’s free Inbound Sales Certification features five classes that introduce you to the Inbound Sales Methodology. From identifying potential buyers, to developing outreach strategies, to building personalized presentations, this free sales training course covers the basics of what inbound sales is all about.

Social Media Marketing

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Hootsuite Certification
Learn to use the Hootsuite dashboard at an expert level and acquire the skills of a social media pro by learning at your own pace with these online, on-demand video courses. Then prove your expertise with industry-recognized certification.

Web Design & Development

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Learn to Make Awesome Websites Course
General Assembly: Dash teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects you can do in your browser.

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HTML & CSS Web Design Course
Learn how to create websites by structuring and styling your pages with HTML and CSS.

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HubSpot Design Certification from HubSpot
Meant primarily for web designers who have, at minimum, an intermediate familiarity with CSS and how it applies to HTML. Basic proficiency in writing HTML and CSS are required for completion.