Marketing Concentration 101 Guide

So…you want to be a marketing concentration?

Thinking about declaring a marketing concentration but still have some doubts? Here you can find some helpful tips and tricks to help guide your thinking.

Questions to ask when deciding on your first marketing co-op
Co-op is an incredibly unique opportunity to figure out potential career paths. Once it comes down to actually deciding on where to complete your co-op, there’s a lot to consider. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when selecting your first marketing co-op.

Skills you should have before walking into your first marketing co-op interview
Want to have the upper hand when stepping into the job interview? In addition to understanding what your strengths are and being genuinely yourself, here are a few skills you can pick up to really differentiate yourself as a candidate.

What does it take to get a marketing concentration?
In order to fulfill the marketing concentration requirements, students will need to take marketing core courses, in addition to electives. Learn more about the basics here.

Marketing tracks and electives
The Northeastern University Marketing department has developed marketing “tracks” based on some of the most common marketing functional areas. These tracks are intended to help guide students in selecting elective courses to take that coincide with the certain functional area that the student is interested in. Discover the different course combinations you can take to help prepare yourself for the career you want.

Things every Northeastern marketing concentration should know
Classes, clubs, networking, oh my! There is a lot you have to keep track of…review some useful tidbits to understand how to make the most out of your marketing journey at Northeastern.

Different functional areas of marketing
So…what exactly is marketing, and what does it mean to work in Sales versus Marketing Operations? Review some of the most common functional areas of marketing and begin to explore which functional areas are most aligned with your strengths and career goals.