Executive Board

Rian Frate View Rian Frate's LinkedIn profile

Rian is a fourth-year Marketing student minoring in Graphic Design and Fashion Studies. She is from a small town in Connecticut. Ever since high school, she has had a passion for marketing. She pitched, created, and maintains an online presence for her father’s business including a website and various social media channels. Rian did her first co-op at TJX, where she worked on the Customer Experience team within Marmaxx store operations. Rian is currently working as a co-op at State Street, where she works on the design team. Outside of NUMA and co-op, Rian enjoys reading, writing, traveling, fashion blogging, and swing dancing.

Rachel Petry View Rachel Petry's LinkedIn profile
Executive Vice President

Rachel is a third-year student studying Business and Political Science, with a concentration in Marketing. She is from the suburbs of New Haven, Connecticut. She is currently on co-op at Natixis Investment Managers, where she works on their strategic marketing team. When she is not at work, Rachel spends time participating in other organizations such as Sigma Kappa sorority, club tennis, and intramural volleyball and basketball. She enjoys exploring the city, finding new study spots, and trying lots of different foods. She is very excited about all of the new opportunities NUMA will provide in this new semester.

Amil Khattar View Amil Kkattar's LinkedIn profile
VP of Finance

Amil is a third-year, with a dual concentration in marketing analytics and finance, from New Jersey. He worked as a Merchandising Associate for Wayfair on his first co-op and also interned in the financial training industry as a Marketing Analyst. Amil loves playing basketball, golf, and running, as well as binge-watching any crime show. He appreciates understanding the psychological aspects of marketing and delving into the justifications for consumer spending patterns. For his next co-op, Amil hopes to be somewhere in California!

Becca Farber View Becca Farber's LinkedIn profile
VP of Marketing Email

Becca is a second-year business student concentrating in Marketing. She is from Long Island, New York. Becca has experience with social media and design, after completing her first internship with the social media team at Tarte Cosmetics in New York City. Becca loves exploring Boston, as she returned from a semester abroad in Rome with the NU.in program during the fall semester in 2019. Some of her interests are photography, fashion, and running. She is interested in expanding her knowledge in brand marketing and social media marketing, as well as design. Becca is currently searching for a co-op for the spring semester.

Sofia Weddle View Sofia Weddle's LinkedIn profile
VP of Marketing Social

Sofia is a second-year business student concentrating in Marketing and Finance, with a Spanish minor. She is from Baltimore, Maryland. Sofia has had two marketing internships in the past, with one in social media marketing and blog writing at Authority Brands, LLC and the other in marketing analytics, SEO, and copywriting at TheraPearl and Performance Health. She also conducted research during the second internship surrounding the benefits of organic marketing techniques. When she’s not working, Sofia enjoys reading, fashion, baking, and trying new food around Boston.  She is looking to expand her knowledge in marketing analytics and management, especially as she searches for her first co-op for Spring 2020.

Rayana Radueva View Rayana Radueva's LinkedIn profile
Communications Specialist

Rayana is a fourth-year Business and Economics combined major with a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in International Affairs. She grew up abroad in Prague, in the Czech Republic, and completed her first co-op at Wayfair on the app Marketing team where she got experience tracking app metrics/costs and doing copy and concept testing. Beyond her work, she likes to spend her free time exploring new music on Spotify and is interested in social entrepreneurship.

Kateri Miller View Kateri Miller's LinkedIn profile
VP of Membership

Kateri is a third-year business student with a concentration in Marketing and International Business. She also has a minor in consulting and just finished her first co-op at Boston Consulting Group on their Alumni Marketing team. Kateri has experience in web design and coding after completing an internship with BeanTown Smokers, a local online Barbecue restaurant. Outside of NUMA, Kateri is involved in Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, International Business Club,  skiing, and photography.

Nicholas Kalen View Nichola Kalen's LinkedIn profile
Membership Data Analyst

Nick is a third-year business student concentrating in Marketing and Management. He is from Hopkinton, MA, a small town that is relatively unknown outside of being the place where the Boston Marathon begins. He is currently a marketing co-op for Wayfair, where he works in paid social prospecting. Nick loves exploring Boston and is an avid follower of the Patriots and Celtics. Outside of NUMA, Nick likes to spend his time hanging out with friends, running, going to the beach, and taking photos of nature.

Brendan Brady View Brendan Brady's LinkedIn profile
VP of Design

Brendan is a third-year student studying Business and Design, with a concentration in Marketing. He is from Medway, Massachusetts, a small town southwest of Boston. Brendan completed his first co-op at Fenway Sports Management, where he worked as a Graphic Designer on the Creative team. He is currently on his second co-op at Fairmarkit, a Boston-based tech-startup, where he is working as a Graphic Design intern. During the summer of 2019, Brendan traveled to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan for a Dialogue of Civilizations where he learned about traditional and modern Japanese design and culture. Brendan's interests include brand development, social media marketing, fashion, and photography. In his free time, Brendan enjoys socializing with friends, listening to music, traveling, going out to eat, and working out.

Tara Sawhney View Tara Sawhney's LinkedIn profile
Graphic/Video Designer

Tara is a third-year student pursuing a combined major in Data Science and Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. She was born in Newton, Massachusetts, and subsequently moved to Orlando, Florida where she was an avid member of her high school Speech & Debate team - thus beginning her love of communication and public speaking. Tara recently completed her first co-op at State Street Corporation, where she worked as a DataGX Product Operations Analyst for the Alpha Platforms Team. Outside of NUMA, she is involved in NURE (Real Estate Club), UTSAV, and Tech for the People. Some of her interests are fashion, traveling and exploring new places, trying new foods, baking, spending time with friends and family, and working out. Tara is interested in expanding her knowledge in marketing and is looking forward to the opportunities NUMA will provide this semester.

Isa Diaz View Isa Diaz's LinkedIn profile
Graphic Designer

Isa is a fourth-year combined Business/Design student with concentrations in Marketing and Graphic Design. She has completed both her co-ops with Brown Brothers Harriman's investment bank as their first Creative Services co-op. When she has free time, she enjoys making art, good food with friends and music, and sings/writes for her band Roll Over White. Isa is looking forward to graduating in December of 2021!

Emma Arnese View Emma Arnese's LinkedIn profile
Blog/Web Designer

Emma is a third-year business student concentrating in Marketing while pursuing a minor in Writing. She is from Denver, Colorado. Emma completed her first co-op with Cultural Care Au Pair as an Account Manager. When Emma wants to reconnect with herself she adverts to teaching, hiking, singing, and journaling. She enjoys being apart of a dynamic team where regular thinking patterns are challenged with fresh strategies. Emma is currently on co-op at SharkNinja working in Brand Marketing!

Aylin Valentijn View Aylin Valentijn's LinkedIn profile
VP of Information Management

Aylin is a third-year honors business student from Westborough, Massachusetts. She is currently concentrating in Marketing and pursuing a Business Analytics minor. She completed her first co-op at Wolverine Worldwide, working in Marketing for the Kids Group. Aylin is currently searching for her second co-op, hoping to work in Sales or Business Development. Outside of NUMA, Aylin is actively involved in Chi Omega Fraternity, volunteers for Special Olympics, attends Turkish lessons, and enjoys discovering new restaurants with friends.

Riya Kapur View Riya Kapur's LinkedIn profile
Fundraising & Sponsorship Chair

Riya Kapur is a second-year business student with concentrations in Marketing and International Business and a minor in English. She is from Madison, Connecticut—a cute, beach town! Riya is currently co-oping at Wayfair on their merchandising team. Besides NUMA, she is also involved in Women in Business, Black & Red Public Relations, and Kappa Kappa Gamma. Her hobbies include traveling, baking, attending concerts, and spending time with friends and family! 

Liza Johnson View Liza Johnson's LinkedIn profile
Fundraising & Sponsorship Chair

Liza is a second-year student double concentrating in Marketing and Marketing Analytics with a minor in Spanish. She is from Albany, New York. She works as a campus manager in Sales for the apparel company Fresh Prints. Liza is on the club track team, loves cooking and baking, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

Kelsey Zapana View Kelsey Zapana's LinkedIn profile
VP of Diversity & Inclusion

Kelsey is a second-year student from Montville, New Jersey studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in consulting. Along with her passion for marketing, she motivated to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for herself and others. She is currently on her first co-op working in Marketing and Communications for Northeastern’s Career Design Center. Outside of NUMA and when she’s not working, she likes to travel, try new recipes, and play volleyball.

Cassie Chou View Cassie Chou's LinkedIn profile
CO VP of Events

Cassie is a second-year International Business student, double concentrating in Management Information Systems and Marketing Analytics, with Business Analytics minor. She is currently on co-op at Eze Software where she coordinates with developers to ensure client satisfaction. Beyond work, she enjoys digital art, tennis, learning new languages, spending time with friends, and exploring the best food. She is always seeking experiences that will help her navigate the global business culture and ever evolving world of tech.

Alyssa Goldbeck View Alyssa Goldbeck's LinkedIn profile
Co-Director of NUMA Agency

Alyssa is a third-year student studying International Business with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Information Design. She is from New Jersey. She is currently on co-op at Brown Brothers Harriman, where she is supporting their digital marketing efforts. Alyssa previously supported the product and brand launch of Author by Humana at her previous co-op. Outside of NUMA Agency and work, she participates in her sorority Alpha Chi Omega. Alyssa loves to read, paint, and travel, having participated in a study abroad program in China and two in South Korea.

Richa Shah View Richa Shah's LinkedIn profile
Co-Director of NUMA Agency

Richa Shah is a Business Administration major concentrating in Marketing Analytics and minoring in Spanish and Consulting. She is from Manila, Philippines, and is passionate about consumer behavior, marketing operations, and the startup and VC world. Besides NUMA, she is involved in WISE as the Marketing Associate, Women in Business on the Ideation Committee, Chi Omega, and was previously the Director of Marketing at the NU Entrepreneurs Club. Outside of Northeastern, she has worked at a digital healthcare startup called zennya Health as a Marketing Analyst and is currently on co-op at Visible Hands as an Analyst. She spends her free time cooking, watching movies, and learning more about disposable/film photography.